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North American Tour

Aug. 1 - Toronto, Canada
Aug. 2 - Toronto, Canada
Aug. 2 - Toronto, Canada
Aug. 4 - East Rutherford, NJ
Aug. 5 - East Rutherford, NJ
Aug. 7 - Boston, MA
Aug. 8 - Boston, MA
Aug. 11 - Washington, DC
Aug. 13 - Philadelphia, PA
Aug. 16 - Detroit, MI
Aug. 19 - Nashville, TN
Aug. 22 - Houston, TX
Aug. 24 - Dallas, TX
Aug. 27 - St. Louis, MO
Aug. 29 - Chicago, IL
Aug. 30 - Chicago, IL
Sept. 12 - Los Angeles, CA
Sept. 13 - Los Angeles, CA
Sept. 16 - Phoenix, AZ
Sept.19 - El Paso, TX
Sept. 21 - San Antonio, TX
Sept. 23 - Tulsa, OK
Sept. 25 - New Orleans, LA
Sept. 27 - Charlotte, NC
Sept. 28 - Charlotte, NC
Oct. 1 - Atlanta, GA
Oct. 3 - Tampa, FL
Oct 4. - Miami, FL
On The Road Again Tour

Feb. 7 - Sydney, Australia
Feb. 11 - Brisbane, Australia
Feb. 14 - Melbourne, Australia
Feb. 17 - Adelaide, Australia
Feb. 20 - Perth, Australia
Feb. 24 - Osaka, Japan
Feb. 25 - Osaka, Japan
Feb. 27 - Tokyo, Japan
Feb. 28 - Tokyo, Japan
Mar. 1 - Tokyo, Japan
Mar. 11 - Singapore
Mar. 14 - Bangkok, Thailand
Mar. 18 - Hong Kong, China
Mar. 21 - Manila, Philippines
Mar. 25 - Jakarta, Indonesia
Mar. 28 - Johannesburg, South Africa
Mar. 29 - Johannesburg, South Africa
Apr. 1 - Cape Town, South Africa
Apr. 4 - Dubai, United Arab Emirates


Book Signing

One Direction Lakeside Book Signing

One Direction's Cuteness Knows No Bounds

ONE Direction have just caused molten heart to pour from our chests into our unsuspecting tummies.

The gorgeous boys delighted the army of fans who’d loyally waited in the chilly Manchester drizzle for them to sign copies of new book Dare To Dream, and scenes of über-cute hysteria ensued!

Dare To Dream is the band’s second biography, putting One Direction in the fairly unusual position of having more official biographies than singles.

And we can’t wait for volume three!

——- Source: OK!Magazine

One Direction's Harry Finds Being Naked "Liberating"

One Direction singer Harry Styles has revealed he enjoys being naked as he finds it “very liberating.”

Speaking in a new book, Dare to Dream: Life As One DirectionThe X Factor star admitted he “feels free” when he isn’t wearing any clothes.

The 17-year old explained: “I have great memories of being in the [X Factor] house, especially all of the times I went naked. Stripping off is very liberating, I feel so free,”

“It’s always a spur-of-the-moment thing, but no-one seemed to mind. I think Mary [Byrne]secretly liked it. I’d become a lot more confident during my time in the show through being in front of so many people, and my confidence came out in my nakedness.”

Harry continued: “I also used to moon a bit at school because it made me laugh, so I was carrying it on. Sometimes I was totally starkers and sometimes I wore a thong.”

“My friend Nick bought me a gold snake-print thong for my birthday and I took it into the house with me because I thought it’d be funny. Then I started wearing it.”

Styles went on to recall: “One time I had to do a naked video clip for ITV2 where I was standing there with no clothes on and the boys had to pass various objects across me, keeping certain parts covered.

“That was the plan, but at one point Zayn [Malik] didn’t move the book he was holding quickly enough and the cameraman got a bit of an eyeful. I think you could safely say I’m not shy.”

One Direction look likely to score their first UK No.1 single this weekend, with debut trackWhat Makes You Beautiful expected to sell over 100,000 copies.

——- Source: MTVUK

One Direction At The Lakside Signing

One Direction Meeting Fans at Signing

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